the quickest way to rich?

Which casino game will make you rich the quickest?

Obviously, all casino games have the potential to make your wildest dreams come true, but I’d just like a bit of an idea about how to advise my friends who would like to hang out and gamble some with me.

Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Craps, Poker, Keno, Red Dog, Baccarat, etc. What do you think is the ticket?

Question posted by: Steven A

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  1. you have the highest odds in craps versus the house but the payouts can be higher in slots and roulette and make you rich really quick but there is no skill required in any of the games you’ve mentioned except for poker (blackjack when playing by the book still nets you under 50% winning odds, assuming you don’t count cards that is.)

  2. quickest bang for your buck is SLOTS – they have a 15% edge – but only on a slot can you turn couple bucks into millions –

    Blackjack if your not counting cards – you need a good run of cards and its probably not gonna happen fast –

    Pretty much all casino games are bad – in that the house edge is too great to get rich at – above is right about the craps passline bets with MAX odds give player one of the best bets in a casino with low edge to almost player favored – BUT that being said dice isnt exactly EASY to win at either…

    Keno is BAD stay away –

    Baccarat is ok – but no strategy to beat it – just bet the bank and hope you get a bank dominated shoe!

  3. Well, you can turn $3 into $10 million in one pull at the Megabucks slot machine.

    If you put $10 on a single number in roulette and hit it (to win $350), then pressed your bet ($360 total) on one number and hit that one, you’re bet up over $129,000 in one minute.

    After that, craps in a very fast moving game that get way up there really quickly if you play correctly. Plus it has the best odds in the casino. If I were you, that’s what I would play.

  4. The only game where you can have a mathematical advantage is Poker. In poker, the house takes a few dollars out of every pot.

    As long as you factor that into your decision making process, you can make money betting only when the amount you stand to win is higher than the probability of you losing.

    In every other game, the house makes money when you lose, so the games are designed to make you lose. Some will do it faster than others.

    It is possible to win money on any game, but it would be pure luck.

    If you know how to handicap horses and sports teams, you may be able to make money betting on them. But that takes a lot of knowledge and experience.

  5. any of the games you list can be profitable if you know what you’re doing.

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