1. I deal blackjack and baccarat one of the New England casinos, and I can tell everyone right now, baccarat gives the best odds for the player in the entire house. Blackjack is not even close. Like one other person said, there are too many variables. In Bac, you need only choose which hand to bet on, but following the Asian patrons, who tend to be very well versed in this game, will definitely help. Baccarat is also a huge money game. People bet huge in high limit games.

  2. I agree with you. Casinos occasionally post monthly losses on Baccarat tables but rarely on Black Jacks. That just shows, some big whales can and will make huge sums of money and take off.

    However, like any other gambling games, you really need to know what you are doing. The cardinal sin in gambling is staying too long while you are up. Leave as soon as your goal is met. Remember, casinos in LV are open 24/7/365.

  3. Actually, the cards removed in baccarat affect the later outcome but by so little that baccarat isn’t countable. In blackjack, the best way to combat the cards removed is by card counting, which takes a lot of work to get an advantage and pull it off.

  4. Baccarat does give the best odd out of any casino games. Blackjack has a lot more variables that could change your cards or the game. Stupid people hitting when they shouldnt, dealer burning cards when they entering the table, etc. Nothing can change the baccarat hands, unless you didn’t pay attention to the dealer’s mistake.

  5. lol you’re another one of those muppets who i deal to night in night out that think you have it beat.
    “dont open a box you will upset the shoe” etc.”

  6. It gives better odds for those who are dumb enough not to learn about basic strategy in blackjack.

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