Baccarat Book Guide

The Best Books on Baccarat

These are the books most often recommended by Baccarat players as good references on how to play the game and generally interesting reads on the topic.

(1) The Baccarat Battle Book by Frank Scoblete – 1999

Scoblete’s book is by far the most frequently recommended and best selling of the Baccarat books. It offers a full discussion of the game and systems of play. It’s best known for its advice on how to maximize comps and lower casino commission as means of getting the most out of your baccarat purse. Experienced players may find it too basic, but it’s highly recommended for beginners.

(2) Baccarat For The Clueless (The Clueless Guides) – John May – 2000

May’s book explains the stats behind various bets and so when to place different bets. He puts forward a counting system that seems to be reasonably successful in the right circumstances. He also explains the history and culture of the game. Gets a bit technical in places but there’s enough here for experienced players to get their teeth into as well as those new to the game. This is a good book if you want to learn how to play baccarat.

(3) 24/7: Living it Up and Doubling Down in the New Las Vegas – Andres Martinez – 1999

Mr Martinez was subbed $50,000 back in the 90’s to go play in Las Vegas and act like a tourist. Nice work if you can get it! He mainly played baccarat and blackjack – and the book is about his exploits, and what happened to his money. It’s not a ‘how to’ book so you won’t really learn how to play but it’s a fun read and gives an interesting view of Las Vegas and the gambling industry at that time.

(4) Lyle Stuart on Baccarat – Lyle Stuart – 2007

Lyle Stuart is a world champion Baccarat player who tells about how own experiences of winning and losing.  Explains Baccarat odds, when and how to play and when to walk away. Doesn’t recommend any specific system. An entertaining read.

(5) Winner’s Guide to Casino Gambling: 3rd Revised Edition – Edwin Silberstang

As the name suggests, this book covers a wide range of casino games not just baccarat, though the chapter on baccarat is very good. Silberstang’s essential point is, play the games with the lowest house edge (which includes baccarat), and then play the bets that minimizes your losses! The book tells you how.  Good solid advice for beginners and intermediate players.

(6) Secrets of Winning Baccarat – Brian Kaysar – 2003

For more experienced baccarat players. Offers detailed strategies, but you really need to have a good grasp of the game first to use them well. Some question to validity of the strategies he puts forward.

(7) Guerrilla Gambling – Frank Scoblete

One of the most popular general gambling guides around, includes 2 chapters on Baccarat. No magical winning system, but masses of tips on how to make the most of your gambling budget by using clever betting, money management strategies and comps. A very entertaining read.

(8) Gambling’s Greatest Secrets Revealed – Benny J. Berry – 1997

This short book uses statistical analysis to show how best to win at craps, baccarat and roulette. Uses 3 systems – Flagship, Advanced Flagship and Point and Figure. Careful explanations of betting strategies and money management.

(9) Powerful Profits from Casino Table Games – Victor Royer – 2004

Explains how to play, the odds and house edge for various casino games, including a good section on Baccarat. Has an analysis of card-counting for Baccarat.

(10) Baccarat – John Patrick – 2000

John Patrick’s book explains the rules of Baccarat and, accepting the unavoidable house edge on the game, how to get the best enjoyment from it and avoid losing unnecessarily!