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Baccarat – Quick and Easy

Baccarat is one of those casino games that’s incredibly easy to learn, good on the bankroll, but played by few. Why is this? Did you know that betting on the Banker in Baccarat is the best bet you could make in the casino? Probably not. Most people don’t and perhaps that’s why most people don’t play Baccarat. It’s foreign to them.

Here’s how simple Baccarat is. Each hand there’s three possible outcomes.

  1. The Banker Wins.
  2. The Player Wins.
  3. Tie

As a player, you bet either Banker or Player. That’s it. You don’t have to know anything else to win and have fun playing Baccarat. Of course, it will be good if you understand the game more. As I mentioned earlier, betting on the Banker is the best bet in the casino. The house advantage is just 1.06% and that’s absolutely amazing.

Quick Layout Guide

The layout is pretty darn simple. You have a space for the Banker’s cards, a place for the Player’s cards, bank commission, your betting area and that’s it.

When the hand is about to start, you make a bet on either the Banker or Player and the Tie if you wish.


In Baccarat, winning bets on the Banker or the Player are paid even money, so a $10 wager is paid $10. And the ties are paid 8 to 1, so a $10 wager is paid $80.

One important note is the vig. All wins on the Banker, since that hand has a slight edge, is taxed a vig of 5%. If you win $5, you’d pay 25 cents as a vig.


Keeping it simple, here’s how it goes. First, you and all other players make their wagers. You then sit back as the dealer does all the card work.

The Player and Banker hands each receive two cards. The Player is the first to act, which is why the Banker has a slight edge. If the Player is going to act, that hand is given one card. In Baccarat, each hand can have a maximum of three cards. Also, each decision is based on defined rules.

Next, the Banker takes a turn. Depending on what the Player has, the Banker will either stand or receive a card. Finally, all losing bets are collected and winning bets are paid.

Tracking the Game

If you’re playing in the real world, most tables provide tracking paper and writing instruments. Online Baccarat may have this built into the software. It’s a good idea to track hands, so you can pick up on trends.

Baccarat is one game where I’ll actually follow trends and then bet against them. Either way you play, Baccarat is a fun game with a nice, low house advantage. Give it a try!