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Phil Ivey Fresh From The Baccarat Room – $100K Challenge Aussie Millions 2009

Gloria catches up with the ever elusive Phil Ivey on break from the 100K buy in. Phil says his late arrive was a result of some baccarat action. Please tune in to for all the latest updates in the highest video quality.

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  1. i like how he says he’s not going to play in the main event this year…. and he ended up playing in it and made it to the final table. gl phil.

  2. IChupacabra,

    Ivey lives a life that you cudn even dream of (not in an insulting way). Losing that money on gambling games that he knows he is going to lose on in the long run is showing you it means nothing to him. The biggest reason being he KNOWS that he will make it back at poker.
    And, as far as “where his money should go”. He has no kids, so it cant go there. And he regularly donates to charity so cant complain there either. HIS MONEY, HIS DECISIONS. end of. =)

  3. I understand. I just think it could be his undoing. The problem is that he plays such high stakes in poker that it takes very high stakes in craps for him to satisfy his gambling appetite.

  4. after this interview ivey took this women around to the public toilet inside the casino were he proceeded to stick his testicals inside her mouth

  5. i agree that gambling is stupid, but if ivey does it too, that means he can afford 1million losses at craps table, it’s just fun to him, because he knows that can take that million back at poker tables.

  6. He’s 33 yrs old, and is an adult. Playing those games is essentially throwing money down the toilet. That is money that could go to his kids, or go to one of his favorite charities. There is no way you can justify him being a degenerate gambler.

  7. he has a very large bankroll, and even if he loses 1million playing baccarat, craps or roulette he still ends up because of his full tilt earnings and poker winnings in the big game or online even. About t-shirts…he’s very young, he has a lot of time to change style 😀

  8. Phil needs to wear something nicer than a t-shirt. He also needs to stop playing those casino games!

  9. i think phil has finally gotten to the point where he is genuinely happy. a lot of grinding finally paid off huge.

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