Kismet Baccarat Review

Kismet – Great Software for Baccarat?

Kismet casino software gives by far the best Baccarat odds of all the online casino software brands. Their small number of prestigious licensees include none other than Harrods.

The key features of their baccarat games are:

  • A single deck is used.
  • Players pay only pay 4% commission as the dealer.
  • The house advantage on the banker is less than 0.6%.
  • The house advantage on the player is 1.29%
  • House pays 9 to 1 on ties, giving them an advantage of  6.38%
  • Format: Kismet software requires a download.

Where to Play Kismet Baccarat Games:

Please note that the casinos change over time, and it is possible some of these may no longer be operating.


If you want to know a bit more about any of these casinos, then check out our Baccarat at Kismet Casinos page for more details about each of these of Kismet online casinos listed above.