Grand Virtual Baccarat Review

Who Are Grand Virtual?

Grand Virtual produce interesting games, which we are rather fond of. Their casino licensees provide some of the best language options, though the casinos generally are not amongst the best known names in the industry. We think this software is well worth checking out, though.

The key features of their baccarat games are:

  • The baccarat game uses 1 deck.
  • The house edge on the banker bet is 1.01%, on the player 1.29%, and on the tie 15.75%.
  • Software format: download software

Where to Play Grand Virtual Baccarat Games:

Please note that the casinos change over time, and it is possible some of these may no longer be operating.


If you want to know a bit more about any of these casinos, then check out our Baccarat at Grand Virtual Casinos page for more details about each of these of Grand Virtual online casinos listed above.